Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver, setup, pack away and take away the inflatables?
Yes all included in the price
Our inflatables are available all year around
Is Bouncing Buddies members of any recognized organisations?
Yes members of BIHA
Do you hire inflatables for events?
Yes, our inflatables go out to corporate events, fun days, school fairs, christenings, weddings & birthday parties for all ages
Delivery and collection times?
We will deliver between 8.00am and 12.00pm & collect between 17.00 and 21.30 this can vary at different times of the year or if in a hall we can arrange specific time
Overnight fees?
Yes depending on availability (overnight charge £15)
Setting up time and taking down?
Approximately 10-15 mins to set up and 15-20 mins to take down depends on access
Keeping the blower running?
Yes the blower must be running constantly whilst the inflatable is in use
Moving the inflatable?
No, once the inflatable has been setup it must not be moved
All our inflatables are regularly inspected and tested and have a current safety certificates.
We do have insurance which would cover any accidents which were our fault, such as equipment failure or falling to setup the inflatable properly. You are responsible for the supervision of the inflatable during the hiring period.
Safety mats?
Yes we supply safety mats with some of our inflatables
Age limit?
Yes all our inflatables are suitable for toddlers/children (9 years and under, unless stated otherwise)
How do I book?
Call us on 020 3538 1915 or or via our online form